About Our Courses

****For all courses, please call or email us to sign up or discuss a class****

Course # 1.

Boating Educating Nautical Knowledge "101"

Ages 17 And Up

Price: $119.00

(Includes use of charts and your own student manual for note taking and future quick reference).

** At the conclusion of each Nautical Knowledge "101" Class we can administer you the Florida Boating Safety Course at no charge, which will earn you your Florida Boating Safety Education ID Card (required in Florida if born after Jan 1, 1988)**

This course is a blended, lecture-based, hands-on 16 hour course taught on weekends (or on any day for private classes, please call for details). You can follow up this course with Course #3 "On the Water Training" on your boat or ours where you can apply theory to practice.

The Nautical Knowledge "101" class includes both lectures and hands-on training and covers:

a. Boat familiarization and terminology

b. Basic overview of rules of the nautical road

c. Buoy and daymarker training including intracoastal waterway familiarization

d. Chart familiarization

e. Float plan familiarization and use

f. Use of GPS and depth sounder and your magnetic compass

g. Boat handling, including general navigation training to leave the dock and arrive at the

dock without panicking. Basic line handling and securing a boat to a cleat

h. Anchoring preparation and anchoring, includes best anchoring locations and bottoms

I. Man Overboard actions

j. Lifejacket familiarization and Florida Law requirements

k. Trailering your boat including preps to launch and recover from a public boat launch

l. Basic engine and trailer maintenance and troubleshooting

m. Basic fire safety, including fire extinguishers and what to do in the event of a fire

n. Use of the VHF radio including Digital Selective Calling and reporting emergencies

o. Tides and currents and sunrise/sunset

p. Boating under the influence

q. Finding marina facilities and the use of boating guides

r. Beaching your boat

s. Emergency actions while underway or ashore

t. Briefing your family or guests before leaving the dock

Course # 2.

CPR/First Aid/AED Certification custom tailored to both normal and maritime training scenarios (your choice).

Price: $75.00 per person

a. Upon completion of this course you will earn CPR certification through the National Safety Council which is good for two years. Class sizes are limited to 10 students. (larger groups will be broken down into separate 4 hour classes) Call us for all your CPR certification needs.

Course # 3

On the water training on your boat (limited to boats under 40')

Price: Call or email us to develop a plan and discuss pricing.

a. This training is custom tailored to meet your specific needs and goals. On the water training allows your entire group to get underway together while learning new skills. While on the water we can discuss responsibilities and what to do in the event of an emergency or any combination in between. This course can also include lectures on any topic from our Nautical Knowledge "101" course curriculum.

Class Dates

Dec 11-12 Port Charlotte

Jan 15-16 Port Charlotte

Feb 12-13 Port Charlotte

Feb 19-20 Port Charlotte

Mar 19-20 Port Charlotte

April 16-17 Port Charlotte

Naples (Please Call)

Marco Island (Please call)

Maritime CPR/First Aid/AED TBD