About Our Courses

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Course # 1.

Boating Educating Nautical Knowledge "101"

Ages 14 And Up

Price: $99.00 (a full 16 hour course)

(Includes use of charts and your own student manual for note taking and future quick reference).

** At the conclusion of each Nautical Knowledge "101" Class we can administer you the Florida Boating Safety Course at no charge, which will earn you your Florida Boating Safety Education ID Card (required in Florida if born after Jan 1, 1988)**

This course is a blended, lecture-based, hands-on 16 hour course taught both during the week or on weekends. You can follow up this course with Course #6 "On the Water Training" on your boat or ours where you can apply theory to practice.

The Nautical Knowledge "101" class includes both lectures and hands-on training and covers:

a. Boat familiarization and terminology

b. Basic overview of rules of the nautical road

c. Buoy and daymarker training including intracoastal waterway familiarization

d. Chart familiarization

e. Float plan familiarization and use

f. Use of GPS and depth sounder and your magnetic compass

g. Boat handling, including general navigation training to leave the dock and arrive at the

dock without panicking. Basic line handling and securing a boat to a cleat

h. Anchoring preparation and anchoring, includes best anchoring locations and bottoms

I. Man Overboard actions

j. Lifejacket familiarization and Florida Law requirements

k. Trailering your boat including preps to launch and recover from a public boat launch

l. Basic engine and trailer maintenance and troubleshooting

m. Basic fire safety, including fire extinguishers and what to do in the event of a fire

n. Use of the VHF radio including Digital Selective Calling and reporting emergencies

o. Tides and currents and sunrise/sunset

p. Boating under the influence

q. Finding marina facilities and the use of boating guides

r. Beaching your boat

s. Emergency actions while underway or ashore

t. Briefing your family or guests before leaving the dock

Course # 2.

Boat Tutors® Nautical Knowledge "202"

Price: $139.00

Nautical Knowledge "202" was developed for those boaters who desire a more advanced level of training or who plan to conduct voyages away from our local waters. This is a hands-on, 3 day course. It includes advanced level lectures on subjects such as: Upper level rules of the road including regulations in both inland and international waters, emergency actions for situations such as man overboard, use of USCG publications and more. The course includes a practical exercise planning a voyage and plotting the route to a local SW Florida restaurant. You will learn to plot latitude and longitude and how to lay down a course (use of the chart and plotting tools included with the course). You will learn about the magnetic compass and its use and limitations onboard your boat, and so much more.

This course is a blended lecture-based/hands-on 15 hour course taught both during the week and on weekends.

Nautical Knowledge "202" lectures include discussion and instruction on:

a. Advanced rules of the road training including lights, visibility of navigation lights, day shapes and sound signals including meeting, crossing and overtaking situations for both inland and international waters

b. Chart selection for extended voyages

c. Voyage planning, which includes planning a voyage to a local SW Florida restaurant. Here you will learn how to plan routes, use and correct a magnetic compass and more.

d. Plotting your GPS position on a chart by learning latitude and longitude and

how to use parallel rulers and dividers.

e. Discuss and understand terms such as course made good and speed made good

f. Anchoring preparation and anchoring, including overnight stays and watchkeeping requirements and scenarios

g. Deck seamanship and general navigation familiarization

Course # 3.

CPR/First Aid/AED Certification custom tailored to both normal and maritime training scenarios (your choice).

Price: $65.00 per person

a. Upon completion of this course you will earn CPR certification through the National Safety Council which is good for two years. Class sizes are limited to 10 students. (larger groups will be broken down into separate 4 hour classes) Call us for all your CPR certification needs.

Course # 4.

Leadership, Management and Team Building Skills.

Price: Call or email us to develop a plan and discuss pricing. This training and assessment program is also available outside of Florida, but only in the United States of America. We are affordable and have 38 years of proven leadership experience leading and managing teams of up to 500 employees that work in fast paced rapidly changing environments.

This custom-made course is a paradigm shift from the old style leadership training of the past. It is custom blended and developed to meet the human element side of your business needs and focuses on fixing the process not the problem. We help develop metrics so you can clearly measure your team's success.

Does your organization have a revolving door of employees? If you do, it's a systemic leadership issue that is costing you valuable time, money and productivity. We can help repair this process with training for your HR team or hiring manager.

Let’s face it, a business is only as good as its people. It doesn’t matter what your business is, leadership is visual and if your leadership team isn’t doing their job, organizational efficiency and productivity will suffer for the entire team as well as your bottom line. This course is a culmination of my 38 years of leadership experience working with businesses and teams of 500 or more. A resume of my experience is available upon request.

We specialize in organizations who have, or suspect they have issues with leaders, managers or staff who just can’t seem to get on the same page, or who spend more time demeaning each other and destroying productivity and esprit de corps. We excel at teaching the art of leadership, management and followership. We help develop teams that have pride in ownership in the company they work with.

We offer custom training for upper management, middle management or working staff based on what we observe or what you already know about your team’s training needs or shortcomings.

Don't have an issue with your team? No problem, we can help develop a monthly, quarterly or annual training plan to meet your teams professional development requirements that will help improve on the job performance and customer satisfaction. No job is too big or too small.

Our basic program starts with a internal review of your teams day to day operations. We may review events such as meeting protocols and agendas, a study of worker interactions while in meetings or at work or in any other setting that may be applicable to your business. A few additional areas we may focus on are/can be:

* Assigned duties and expected standards of work and behavior in a manner appropriate to the responsibility level of the individual(s) concerned

* An initial assessment/observation of the company and its team. This function allows for a systemic look at the company and its people without interfering with the day to day operations of the company

* Review of resource allocation and procurement of the required tools to get the job done. We focus on understanding each team members ability to perform the necessary tasks assigned and the authority they are granted to make the process successful

* A thorough review of company communication ensuring company goals are unambiguously delivered and understood by all team members

* Review of leadership and management behaviors and how they are perceived from the team.

* We can develop and conduct a business climate survey for your company so that employees can rate the performance of those that are in charge in several areas. This a a very humbling process for leaders and managers and typically yields very productive data that helps align workers and management into a more productive team

* Observing/Interviewing team member(s) ensuring they share an accurate understanding of current and future vision of the company.

*Observe how decisions are made and if they are made in the most effective/efficient manner based on the needs of the company and the capabilities of its people

*Observe the “day to day” operations of the company, are they effective and in accordance with current company policy?

*Review of company training and HR policies if applicable. Deliver just in time training for subjects such as sexual harassment, ethics and company core values

* Develop a substance abuse policy that includes starting up random drug screening

Course #5

One on one tutoring for OUPV, Masters Upgrade and other USCG Courses

Price: Call or email us for a price

a. One on one tutoring is designed for those currently enrolled in any online USCG approved Maritime Training Course such as OUPV, Masters Upgrade, 200 Ton, etc. We will use your course material and study information to develop a training plan that fits your learning style. No tutoring session is too big or too small.

Course # 6

On the water training on your boat (limited to boats under 30')

Price: Call or email us to develop a plan and discuss pricing.

a. This training is custom tailored to meet your specific needs and goals. On the water training allows your entire group to get underway together while learning new skills. While on the water we can discuss responsibilities and what to do in the event of an emergency or any combination in between. This course can also include lectures on any topic from our Nautical Knowledge "101" course curriculum.

Class Dates

Nautical Knowledge "101"

June 26-27

July 10-11 Naples

July 17-18

July 24-25 Orange Beach AL

Aug 14-15

Sep Closed for Vacation

Oct 16-17