Meet Captain Jack Sanzalone

Welcome to Boat Tutors. I’m Captain Jack Sanzalone, I am the primary instructor at Boat Tutors for all courses. I have over 39 years of boating and leadership experience on both large and small vessels. Before opening Boat Tutors I spent 30 years aboard U. S. Navy Submarines as well as many other support vessels. We have 39 years of proven leadership experience leading and managing teams of up to 500 employees that work in fast paced rapidly changing environments.

After the Navy, I built and owned a very successful Commercial Tour Boat Business as well as a Fishing Charter Business here in Southwest Florida. I was also a high school teacher in the local community. I'm certified to teach a myriad of courses for the USCG including OUPV (Six Pack Captains License), Masters Upgrade, Leadership and Management Team Skills and a host of others courses. Additionally, I am a certified USCG accessor and a USCG Licensed Master.

The reason we started Boat Tutors and developed the Nautical Knowledge "101" and "202"courses is that over the last several years we've noticed an alarming trend when speaking to boat owners, and that is, most are very uncomfortable taking out their boat which results in it sitting in storage, the driveway or next to the pier collecting barnacles. If by chance the person I'm speaking with has a spouse or significant other present, they almost always chime in with safety concerns such as, how would I get back if something happens to (him or her) out there on the water? Who and how would I call to get help? What do I do with my children or grandchildren if we run into inclement weather? This is where Boat Tutors can help.

The fact is, not everyone that owns a boat desires to spend thousands of dollars to become a licensed, USCG Captain, but on the other hand, everyone that owns a boat does desire to enjoy a safe boating experience, free of mishaps, and all the uncertainty that comes with not understanding the basic nautical knowledge required to safely operate a vessel at sea. This is where our Nautical Knowledge "101" and "202" courses come in. Check out the course descriptions on our website and sign up for our class to see what all the talk is about. Please don't hesitate to call or email with any questions you may have.

At Boat Tutors, we teach more than boating education. We also offer custom leadership training and assessments for businesses both large and small, at sea boat mentoring opportunities (on your boat), First Aid/CPR/AED certifications and tutoring for those enrolled in USCG online courses such as OUPV and Masters Upgrade. Most of our classes can be taught at your location or ours, call for details. We also offer flexible class dates and times. Just send us an email, or give us a call, and we will put together a class to meet your needs and schedule.

We are happy to arrange group classes for any organizations including, boating clubs, schools, boy scouts/girl scouts, or any other organization. We can customize any schedule to meet your needs including evening or weekend classes.

I look forward to providing you superior training, at reasonable prices, in easy to understand formats each and every class.

Boat Tutors, Semper Optima!